Seller Guidelines

Sammamish local businesses are focused on building a vibrant local economy, rooted in local ownership, strong community and a healthy environment.

Pledge Local is one of several efforts to get the word out about why local matters! Sammamish Chamber Online Marketplace is a small business initiative to support small businesses in Sammamish.

To participate in the Sammamish Marketplace:

1. We reserve the right to accept sellers and their products based on the needs of our residents.

2. We are committed to supporting our sellers and providing them with best efforts to showcase sellers to the community on a regular basis.

3. We expect our sellers to uphold highest standards of customer service and satisfaction.

4. Any disputes should be resolved in a reasonable amount of time otherwise Sammamish Chamber reserves the right to remove the seller from the marketplace.

4. Sammamish Chamber reserves the right to make changes to its policies at its discretion and will make all attempts to communicate about the changes to the sellers.

5.  Businesses must maintain at least six products in your online store and keep your store fresh by adding at least two items per month. 

6. Businesses must ship and deliver your sold items and respond to customer complaints/requests in a timely manner. We reserve the right to not accept items and remove members as we see fit.

7. Create at least 1 promotion per month to be shared with Sammamish community and its partner communities.

We would love you to be part of this transformation. Interested to be part of it, Apply today!!